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Deployment Lifesaver

My impending deployment to Kuwait was of great concern where the care of my Lab was concerned. Without question, I asked L.B.D. Pet Care to consider caring for Murphy. Over the course of a year prior, Adelaide and I created a special Deployment Contract for Care to meet all of Murphy's foreseen and unforeseen needs. He was in her care for 9 months during my training, deployment and eventually during my leave. I felt so much more at ease knowing he was with her. I received pictures, updates, videos, etc.. He even had his own Instagram page for all of my friends and family to see. It's no exaggeration when I say she treated Murphy as her own. He went everywhere she could take him, he went to work with her, had his own "job" which is important for his breed, he had pool parties, playdates, a birthday party at Roosevelt Island, he made new friends, tried new things and she found that he had allergies which I never knew. The care Adelaide gave Murphy surpassed my expectations. When I returned, my boy looked better than when I'd left him. It was obvious he'd been cared for emotionally, physically and well... in every way. Murphy was crazy about her before and now they have a bond that makes him howl when he sees her. They are truly in love. I am so grateful....and that's why I'm a member!

Peace of Mind

I highly recommend this service. My favorite thing is that I truly KNOW my dogs best interests are at heart and genuinely cares. I REALLY appreciate the individual consideration for activities, my preferences and compatible doggie buddies! I love knowing my dog is happily worn out while I’m away. Organized, upscale and professional. I'm always kept up-to-date with visit reports, and Adelaide, the owner, has given me great tips and advice for my giant breed dog. Manny is a handful at 130#. He's a Rottie-Dane-Weim mix. He loves his Adelaide and not most other people. Most importantly, being a member of L.B.D. gives me peace of mind in knowing my dog has the best of the best concierge type of services available and is in great care during my absence.

Levi was treated like part of her family!

Greatest Dog Walker of All Time!!!  Adelaide treated my Puggle Levi like part of her family. They walked, they played and would ever sometimes come by my work to say hi. I have so much trust and good faith leaving my little guy in her care. I've known Adelaide for years as we used to work together. Adelaide loves dogs and cares about animals and you should book her today!!! You won't regret it and neither will your best pal :-)!!!

I am completely at ease leaving my  dog with her, knowing the loving care he gets is equivalent to home!

A dog walker of all trades. Adelaide has a wonderful rapport with my dog Tank. One of the most memorable interactions was when Tank had been exploring in the woods. He came when I called him, and we looked down to see a pool of blood.  Adelaide acted immediately! She ran to her house and gathered witch hazel, paper towels and bandana's. Due to her rapport with Tank, she was able to look at his paw, cleanse it and wrap it.  It provided enough support and pressure for me to get my 110 # Bernese Mountain dog home and slow the bleeding until until I could get him to the vet and get him the staples he needed.  Adelaide was completely knowledgeable and caring and it made an unfortunate situation the best it could be.  I am completely at ease leaving my  dog with her, knowing the loving care he gets is equivalent to home.

Henry is smothered with hugs & pets when we are gone!

Adelaide is always our first call when we are planning a trip where our four legged child will not be able to accompany us. First, she loves our dog as if he were our own. She has such a warm and caring personality, that we know Henry is smothered with snuggles and pets when we are gone. Second, she is diligent about following any and all pet instructions, from number and length of walks per day, what kind of treats are permissible, to where he likes to sleep. Third, she always keeps us apprised of his stay with pictures and email updates which we love receiving. She genuinely loves dogs and makes sure that their time with her is comfortable and special. In fact, I feel pretty confident that Henry gets more special attention staying with Adelaide than he does at our house, including car rides for doggy ice cream. We feel lucky to have such a trusted and beloved dog sitter like Adelaide!

It's great to know that Els is so well loved when I have to be away!

Eleanor loves her time with Lady Adelaide.  I've been traveling a lot lately, and when I'm away, Else' moves in with Adelaide. Now every time we walk past her house, or anywhere near it, Else' makes a bee-line for her door and barks at her arrival and demands belly rubs.  It's great to know that Else' is so well-loved when I have to be away.

My baby always comes home safe and happy!

Adelaide does an amazing job with my little one. She's the dog whisperer and can get my dog to walk faster than 1mph (an amazing feat for sure). She knows and loves dogs. I have known her for years. She is trustworthy and responsible and has baby sat for my dog on several occasions for days at a time. She has also walked my pooch on several occasions when I have been late to get home. My baby always comes home safe and happy.

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