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L.B.D. Founding Father 

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Our  Commitment 

L.B.D. was formed with the intention of relieving one of life's biggest stressors for you as a pet owner, "Who will take care of my Baby as well, if not better than I when I am away?" Your answer is L.B.D. 


My commitment to you as the owner of L.B.D. is that we will consistently act in the best interest of your companion's health and well-being. We will partner with you to help your companion thrive, and enjoy the highest quality of life at each and every stage. And ...we will provide a seamless experience throughout our partnership, giving you the peace of mind to go out and live your life and "handle your business" ....worry free! 


Experience has shown us that it takes much more than a love of animals to be a Pet Concierge and Caregiver, who remains a cut above. It takes patience, heart, a rock solid foundation, unmatched dedication, and the ability to laugh and learn from every experience. L.B.D.'s approach is completely in-line with those realizations. We are elevated and modern with good old-fashioned values. A handshake means something solid here at L.B.D.!  You will receive personalized attention and tailored service options that fit your needs, no matter what you have in mind. 


Building a professional, communicative foundation is an important element in the care of your companion and we take this role seriously. Our staff is hired appropriately and trained to act with the same level of integrity and compassion that long-standing clients have come to expect when we were a party of one. Rest assure that L.B.D. and its representatives operate with integrity and discretion when entering/overnighting in your home, while taking care of your companion, and when receiving your personal information. It's just that simple. 



         Adelaide & Solomon

Directeur de l'Exercice & Propriétaire 

How L.B.D. Came To Be

As a pet owner and busy professional, Adelaide could not find a caregiver to provide the level care that met with her standards. Having prior experiences working with animals, her expectations as a K9 Mom seemed quite normal. Her colleagues and friends consistently expressed the same need for a level of care that was not available among the growing number of pet care providers. Adelaide took this as a directive and a call to action!  With the passing of her 14yr. old black Labrador, she became that caregiver. Solomon, albeit 63# of perfection, was her Little Black Dog! 


Animals are a very important and natural part of Adelaide's life. Since she was young she's enjoyed taking care of them both personally and professionally. Her friends, colleagues, and neighbors say she has that special way with animals that they can't quite explain. They are her best clients and cheerleaders!


Adelaide has always wanted to work with animals and has done so in a variety of ways. She spent 2 years in Israel, living on a Kibbutz where she studied, cared for horses and worked as a Laboratory Technician preparing chicken egg embryos for vaccination against Avian influenzas and corona viruses. After her return to the U.S. (and not before living and walking dogs in Paris, Augsburg & Amsterdam), she spent 2 years as a Dog Walker & Pet Sitter for one of the DMV's most successful and long-standing pet care providers. She simultaneously worked and trained at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Technician.


One of her most memorable experiences was training a hearing impaired puppy and her parents to communicate. These early experiences have made Adelaide the sought after Pet Care Provider she is today. We like to say, "She's got lots of wonderful flavors to bring to the table!"


Adelaide resigned from her 7 yr. position as a Business Partner and Stylist for J.Crew in 2016. That high level of business acumen, integrity and customer service, along with her pet care background, are the backbone of the business environment and culture she creates today. She has a growing reputation and following in our community that she is very proud of and works very hard to maintain. Through L.B.D. Pet Care, she now has the opportunity to share her creativity, warmth, dedication, and knowledge with her clients. She sets the standard high and works to over deliver on her word. 


Adelaide sincerely hopes to have the chance to partner with you and meet your lovely companion on this journey.


For taking a moment to learn more,

Merci beaucoup!


  • Oral Medication Administration

  • First Aid / CPR

  • Special Needs Dog Experience

  • Basic Equine Care Experience

  • Injected Medication Administration

  • Extensive Senior Dog Experience

  • Extensive Puppy Care Experience

*This is a cause that we deeply passionate about and participate in. Please consider opening your home & fostering a pet while our troops protect our country! *


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